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A LIMS (last icon maker standing) dedicated to movies in general.

Welcome to CinematicLIMS! This LIMS community focuses on all movies, old and new! Sign ups are currently taking place.

01 - Please be sure to join and friend the community so you won't miss any updates!
02 - Be sure to sign up so you will be eligible to enter once the round begins. Sign ups are now closed. Please feel free to join the comm and help with voting until the next round! :)
03 - All icons must fit LJ standards.
04 - You must make new icons for the challenges.
05 - Please do not show you icons anywhere else until the week's results have been posted.
06 - Please vote, even if you have been eliminated. :)
07 - If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
08 - And lastly, HAVE FUN!! :D

A note about the schedule
The first challenge begins on a Friday, but please take note of the following schedule change (that we will be following for the rest of the LIMS competition):
Monday (and occasionally Sunday night) - New challenge is up.
Friday Icons are due by 8 pm EST. Voting will be posted shortly after.
Sunday Voting ends at 8 pm EST. Results are posted shortly after.

A note about using skips
If you don't read anything else, please read this. Skips are not to be used strategically. Please only use a skip if it is only necessary. When we get down to 4-6 people (most likely 4), you will no longer be allowed to use your skips. It is only fair that if you make it close to the final that you particpate in all of the final rounds. :)

Round 1

- Week 1: Battle Royale || Results
- Week 2: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix || Results
- Week 3: Will Ferrell Movies || Results
- Week 4: Summer Blockbusters || Results
- Week 5: Hot Rod || Results
- Week 6: Coupled Movies || Results
- Week 7: Lord of the Rings || Results
- Week 8: Iconer's Choice || Results
- Week 9: Marie Antionette || Results

If you are interested in affiliating with this community, please leave a comment at this post!
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